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5 Signs your Social Media is about to enter Life Support


Like most business leaders you’re probably wondering how my social media be better? Also, you have probably seen the title of this blog and went “hmm I don’t know if my social media is in trouble but might be worth a squizz to find out”

Most business leaders are always looking for ways to improve. Any edge is an advantage over the competition am I right?

Most business leaders seek out new tools and then we implement them knowing and understanding their potential and we all have high hopes for our business that they will be everything we desire and be the competitive edge we’ve been seeking. There is always one problem, however, implementation and use are generally easy BUT using them properly and maximising their full potential is a whole other ball of wax. 

Since COVID Social Media has become more of an essential tool but more importantly, so has good strategic social media marketing. 

I always say this, having a connection with your social media audience is so important. I really can not stress how important it is. One of the main reasons it is so important is because we are no longer confined to cold call scenarios, hit and miss opportunities that often come from more traditional marketing methods.

In the days of superheroes being all over media and entertainment, Social Media is a businesses superpower.  We’ve seen this power in action as businesses we work with use Social Media as a business development tool and become brand leaders in their industry.

But just like every other tool you have in your business it’s only as good as the consistent, experienced user that wields it. 

Here are 5 signs your social media has a lot more potential than you might think.

1. You don’t have a measurable goal – Are you after sales? Are you looking for, more exposure? Is it to look “WAAY” better than your competition? These are smoke examples and the list of things social media can help you with is more a conversation of “how much time do you have. The simplest strategy for good social media is making sure your efforts are based on the main goal.

2. It’s not part of your everyday – Genius is 99% effort and 1% talent – Albert Einstein. This has always been relevant to anything in society. If you want to make it work then you need to invest the time and be consistent with it. Companies that are the most successful on social media treat it as it’s a part of their business and not just something you turn off and on as needed. 

3. The person or people who manage your social media wear many hats – You designate sales to the best salesperson, your accountant and bookkeeper are great with numbers, the best social media is achieved when you have someone who has some form of marketing intelligence and makes it their top priority. They have to be really on the ball as Social Media is changing constantly and they need to be always trained to learn and absorb those changes then implement them into your business. 

4. You only push your stuff – Cool you’ve made some sales on Social Media now all you do is push your stuff. Great brands use it to do so much more. Think how cool it would be to have some loyal brand followers who are as passionate about your business as you are and you have created a connected community of loyal customers, does that sound pretty cool? To achieve this you have to use your social media marketing to connect with your customers. Making people feel like their support is the reason for your success and who your customers who, you REALLY are. This by far is the hardest thing we find with businesses, they are not prepared to get real. Great social media tells stories that inspire people to not only support you but also fall in love with you, your team, your business and your brand.

5. You have no idea if anything is working or what to do to improve it – The difference between ok and amazing is data. One of the things I love about social media marketing is that it provides businesses with something that used to be hard to find in the marketing space. That’s real-time actionable data on who your audience is, how they are interacting with your business and the content. Knowing what motivates them and what we can be doing better. A strong strategy is not just based on what’s trending in marketing land, it’s based on your analytics of past performance.

Ok so in summary, social media is not something you can do when sales are down or turn it on and off like a radio advertisementYou have to make it a priority. If you need help well my team and I are here to assist. Our services are affordable as we love nothing more than helping small /medium businesses succeed and have ways to help you become a leader in your industry.