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Content Marketing – What is your goal?


For any good online marketing strategy, content marketing is certainly not something to be taken lightly. 

To help you understand just how important it is, here are some 2020 stats for you:

  • 84% of professional marketers in a worldwide survey said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic.
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.

So what is content marketing? – Well, content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience with an overall objective of driving the customer to a particular call to action. 

Has the wording been strategically worded, placed, and adequately targeted when you or any of your team put up on your social media, update a section of your website or send out an email? Have you considered even the most minor communication as the most critical thing in your marketing mix?? If, like many businesses, the answer is no, then here are some tips that have been carefully considered to take your content marketing to new heights.

  • Make sure you are consistent across all platforms and media (website, emails, social to name a few)
  • Make sure who is creating your content has a thorough understanding of your brand’s level of professionalism, personality, vision and mission. Remember, who you are online is who you are to the world. It always baffles me with businesses who never understand your digital. In particular, your social media is your daily voice to your online community; therefore, your content creator mustn’t be posting anything that diverges from these four principles.
  • Make sure those who are creating your content have a deep understanding of your business’s current goals.
  • Is it sales?
  • Is it traffic to your store or website?
  • Is it brand awareness?
  • Or is it brand appeal?

 When your marketer understands these things, they can use it as their navigation beacon to share with your platforms. “Second star to the right and straight onto morning.”

  • Define your actual audience and put yourself in their shoes; there is no better understanding than knowing what your customer or client is seeking from you. You can then make content that is segmented, relevant and appealing to each target audience. One of the most significant issues we see from businesses who hire someone “in house” they live and breathe the company, it is challenging for them to “step outside the bubble”. All too often, they prioritise creativity and what matters to them personally. It takes a powerful content marketer to create something appealing and relevant to the audience they are speaking to that doesn’t match their demographics or way of thinking. 
  • Pay attention to the data. Watch your content and any feedback it gets along with your analytics. The digital marketing space is fast-paced, and we need to keep up with our audience and their ever-changing habits. Like with everything in life, not everything will get you the win, but you can certainly learn from your mistakes and failures to make it better. Being relevant is by far and large an essential attribute of any content marketer.
  • Use the right keywords. Words are not dead and make up a HUGE portion of your SEO. The simplest way to get your content marketing working is by using the correct language, which all comes down to the words. Make your stuff fun and easy to read….speaking of which I hope this is a joy to read. Include keywords that help users learn more about you and find you online.