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We started working with Kimberlie & Co cleaning as it was known then back in 2015. At the time Kim was a sole operator and owner of her business. We have and continue to work on the page by maintaining a relationship with the online audience.


Over the past 3 years we are proud to say that we are very happy with the way the page has grown not just in size from 61 to 1000+ but also in engagement from its fans. When we started with the page Kim was receiving zero enquiries now on average her business receives 20-30 enquiries per week and there is a direct collation to what we post to what kind of work Kim receives. If we post about ovens then she gets calls for oven cleans. The business has an average reach now of over 30k and an average engagement rate of 80% of the business audience


Kim’s business has grown substantially since we took over the marketing. Kim now employs 14 team members and has won local Business awards for their work and business model. Kim and members of her team often get recognised from social media when walking down the street and asked for quotes. Even going to the NRMA or out to lunch offers opportunity fans of the media recognise them. Recently Kim has grown to take on full service of property with extending into lawns and landscaping. The business has an active social network and has been recognised as a market leader in the areas they service…next maybe is world domination who knows 😊 We have been privileged to be part of this businesses journey and look forward to an ongoing long-term relationship with them.