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Facebook Stories

Hey everybody. It’s Jason and Jack from Think Tank Digital Marketing.

At the moment, we are doing a little monthly feature on different topics, and this month has been Facebook Stories.

Facebook stories launched in 2016 as a way of sharing short-form videos and pictures. It’s at the top of your newsfeed, and it’s just a way of maybe sharing updates or things like that on your story. 

It benefits from the fact that Facebook bought Instagram, so basically, yes, the same thing.

So, what type of content would I put on Facebook Stories?

Well, if you’re a business, the suggestion would be to put things promoting your business, so short form sales and stuff like that, maybe pop up ads. Something small, just like a picture or like a 15-second video, just what you’re doing, what you’re up to.

Stories would be excellent if you’ve got a ‘get down here now’ type sale where you want that sense of urgency. So people can see instantly and get an idea of precisely what you want. They would be perfect for that—something in the moment that’s happening right now. 

The good thing about it is that it’s right at the top of your news feed, so you can see it instantly.

One of the best features of stories is that it’s the first thing you’re always going to see when you log on. So if you are a brand or a business and want to make a marketing impression, you are always front and top of the newsfeed; as soon as someone logs on, you are showing up.

Many people go on Facebook when they wake up in the morning, so when they’re hungry for content, they’ll see yours straight away.

What type of content might be put on, let’s say, your timeline, your business timeline, compared to what you might do to a story?

Maybe you’ve got someone in your team that needs a shout out or something. Put that on your story. In contrast, the newsfeed would be more in-depth value content.

Your timeline is perfect for educating on a product service or anything like that. In contrast, your story would be something fun, quirky, and in the moment.

Can you buy from Facebook Stories?

Yes. Just like Instagram, you can see the little link that goes directly to what you’re selling.

So if I had a flash sale that I decided to put up on my Facebook story, ‘buy this’, ‘act now’, ‘click on the link’, your customers can go straight through and purchase straight away.

You can also use features like polls, and Q&A’s etc., which gets your audience involved in what you are promoting with just a click of the screen.

Polls are well-loved because you get instant feedback from your audience. As a story, it’ll be a quick 24-hour poll, where you can ask your audience, people that follow your business and brand, what do you love? What do you like? What don’t you like? The more you know about your audience, the better you can not only create content that delivers what they’re after, but you also can build a much better and more robust online community that’s going to support you.

Thank you, everyone. Stay tuned for the next one, in which we will be talking about digital marketing strategy. That’s going to be a big one.

-Jack Sharp and Jason Armstrong