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Geographic Micro-Targetting

Have you ever heard of Geographic Microtargeting? As you probably know Facebook is home to some of the most advanced targeting in the world. But they’ve taken yet another step forward in how you can better target and define your campaign right down to the building.

Yep you heard me right. Geographic Microtargeting is not as expensive as other social campaigns due to the small area you are targeting, and the best part is that whoever see’s what your campaigning they want to see it. Which is a bonus for us.

Now without setting up an entire science experiment the basics are we pull some levers in ads manager in the audience preferences, add a dash of some basic targeting options and then once boiled we use them to get some pretty good results…I also must be hungry after re-reading that sentence.

So How Does This Apply To YOU

Imagine if you could run a Facebook campaign to people in a building, let’s say a bunch of people at a convention, at the local shopping centre or working for a company you want to meet? Got your interest now. The ads are very effective and not just down to the precise targeting. It’s also due to the personal message you could use that would not work on a campaign with a larger net.

Think about this. Imagine if you could pop up in their newsfeeds, show up on websites pertaining to an event, show up in messenger and then “Hello” Instagram joins the party.

Here’s a scenario – You’re at a car show for example you hear of a great product that can clean your interior, you look down to check your phone then you see an ad inviting you to come to the supplier’s stall in the convention.

So how does it work?

As many of you may know already Facebook already tracks your location using your phones GPS and wifi. They know your location and are accurate to a distance of 10 metres. They feed that information into he campaigns in ads manager and “Shazzam” that’s how it’s done.

If you have an event coming up and would like to make the most of an opportunity give us a call to get you started.

Blogged by Jason Armstrong