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How To Bust & Clear-out Fake Instagram Followers

Have you ever heard the term “I’m just playing the numbers?” It’s a strategy many marketers use when it comes to Instagram, and in our opinion, it’s not a sound growth strategy. While in some circles what we believe might not be considered best practice here at Think Tank Business Services is that we are advocates for reducing your followers when they are of low quality or are “ghost” followers.”

What Is A Ghost Follower?

  • A ghost follower is an Instagram account that follows you but never engages with your page.
  • Ghost followers can harm your engagement rate and take your organic posts away from the feed of genuine and real followers.

How Do I Spot These Ghosts?

Well before you get the proton pack and P.K.E meter ready the best way to spot these ghosts is that they usually have one or more of the following.

  • 0 posts
  • No profile pictures
  • High ratio of people they follow-for-follow

How Do I Bust These Ghosts?

Generally, there are two ways you can remove these spam bots, ghost followers or low-quality followers. You can do this manually or with a third-party app.


To block ghost followers manually, you need to start by finding their profile then tap on the (…) symbol in the top right corner and then hit block.

While this can be time-consuming, eventually you will have a clean account which will positively impact your engagement and reach.

Use An App

There are some paid and free apps out there like Cleaner, mass Unfollow and Follow Meter, all of these are available in the app store.

Just remember that even with these apps, Instagram has limitations on the number of actions performed in an hour, so use them wisely and conservatively.

Well, I hope this helps you bust some fakes and gets you back on track engaging with the people who do genuinely care about your brand, purpose and mission.

Blogged by Jason Armstrong