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How would you like lifetime customers? The secret to brand loyalty…

What is something every business should want? Loyal customers. But what does it mean to create loyal customers in a world where your competitors are everywhere, and your customers can see them everywhere they turn? It has become increasingly difficult to keep loyal customers in a world where new gadgets, exciting new products and better deals are surrounding consumers. Not to mention that today’s consumers – particularly digital natives like millennials and Gen Y and Xers – are very concerned with the fear of missing out (FOMO); so even the most loyal customer may ditch a brand they love simply because something new and more appealing pops up in their social channels.

So how do we create loyal customers, and keep those that we have?

One strategy is to improve post-purchase customer relationships through not only rewards and incentives, but through old-fashioned customer service – while using new technologies.

“If you want to influence the buying process at any key consumer touch point, you first need to win every moment of that consumer’s trust” – Robert Rose.

Trust that leads to lasting loyalty likely wont be forged on a single interaction, a temporary discount, or a free gift. This is about creating a satisfying brand experience and this is where digital channels can play a key role. By creating efforts such as how-to-videos, chatbots, customer testimonials and online support on your digital channels you can reach your customer AFTER they have purchased your product. The key is to not forget your consumer once they have handed over their credit card. And do you want to know a secret? Using social media to reach them and assist these consumers will cost next to nothing for your business.

We have found that setting up YouTube channels and Facebook Vlogs is an easy and effective way to stay “social” with your consumers and help them with customer support. Say for example your business sells kitchen goods, you could set up videos to show the process of setting them up, and even care tips for your products. Maybe take it a step further and hire a chef to run a social media channel about testing out some of your products and how to use the different features that your products offer. If your consumer feels confident in using your product, and they think they have been given more than their money’s worth by getting these little extras, they wont want to turn somewhere else!

-Blog by Elise Gooda