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I don’t like being on video

So your boss is really keen on getting videos done for the business social media page, or maybe there’s a television ad in the works and you’ve just been asked if you could make yourself available for debut… You maybe just peed a little…

Don’t feel like you’re alone. We get this one a lot.

There’s no easy way to put this, sometimes you just have to suck it up and do as your boss asks. Even if only for equilibrium in the workplace. Sure, you might say, I wasn’t employed to perform in front of a camera; and you’re probably within your rights to say that. Honestly though, if customer facing is a part of your job, the best way to approach being featured on video is to treat that camera man like a customer. After all, every time you meet a customer, you’re basically being interviewed for a transaction, correct? And anyone who has been through sales training knows that every customer experience is nothing short of a performance – granted in some industries more so than others. And if you see ten or fifteen customer’s a day (or more) isn’t that just one performance after another trying to convince someone to see the value in your offering? Why should that be any easier than doing it once in front of a camera?

MOST of this can be done through video.

If you’re asked by your boss to do a video for the business social media page to talk about a product or offering for the business, this is a great way for you to not only display your product knowledge (which establishes your credibility), but ultimately creates customer familiarity with your personality and professionalism. This results in warm leads.

In a competitive marketplace a customer is far more likely to want to speak to you, who have featured in a video about something they’re interested in, than John and Mary who sat on their hands while you were being represented by the business you work for as the expert on the topic this customer has considered parting with their money over.

Next time your boss is looking for someone to do a video, know the opportunity that is presenting itself, and don’t inhibit your own success.

Did that sound like a lecture? Sorry, not sorry. When you want to thank me later, you know where I am.

– Blogged by Nathan Coombes