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Keeping It Visual

If you want to get ahead in your social marketing in 2019 then you need to be thinking about how visually appealing your content is. You can have the best written post online but unless you have something that attracts the eye; less and less people will see it.

People are visual. Our eyes are automatically drawn to colour or movement. I call it the “something shiny” complex. Digital Marketers have been citing the “fact” that we process visuals at 60,000 times faster than plain text, and while there is no hard evidence to that exact figure, it is certainly a fact that human beings process visuals much faster than text (even if the actual figure isn’t 60,000 times faster). And that’s a good enough reason to think carefully about what visual content you need for your target engagement levels.

The Facts

· People are attracted to visuals

· Good visual content boosts engagement

· Strong visual content influences buyer behaviour

Everyday we are bombarded with massive amounts of information (not unlike this blog) and our attention spans are getting shorter. It has never been more important to stand out from the crowd and to communicate your message both effectively with maximum efficiency.

Your daily content needs to include a visual element. Nothing disheartens me more when I am scrolling through my personal feed seeing well written content that has no visual. This content could be getting much better reach and engagement simply by including an image. Facebook has recognised this and has a dedicated section for stock imagery, video and audio that you can include in ads to help you succeed on their platform.

While using stock imagery is great and having Facebooks tools in your back pocket is an advantage, we highly encourage you to get creative with your ads. Our suggestion is to test/ try different images to see what kind of response you get and once you get an idea of what works then let that be your guide for future posting.

If you’re not a video editing genius, there are a lot of professionals you can call to assist with that who can also help you build a bank of content for you to use in posts and online ads. Again, trying and testing to see what works will help you understand your audience better and help you get good ROI on all the handwork you’ve been doing.

Having a strong visual presence on your social media is a wise investment for your business and should be one of the top priorities if you are considering advertising online.

If you have been asking yourself why your ads are not performing as well as you’d like or why your audience is not responding as much to your content, then this is one of the first areas you need to consider when evaluating and we suggest you start looking at

Blogged by Jason Armstrong