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Make That Register Go “Ka Ching” With Customer Reviews

Whether you are providing a product or service, one thing will always be the same: People like to hear recommendations from other people before they commit to a purchase.

Some businesses are exceptional at marketing. They are good at offering a product or service that has the client “salivating” for their products or waiting with anticipation for their services. But they then fail to hit the mark in meeting the customer’s expectation.

Throughout history, we have been bombarded with good advertising. Even the cave paintings of our prehistoric ancestors provided value to those who engaged with them. The modern consumer has become immune to flash advertising; trusting businesses less and relying on the words of real people before making a purchase decision.

And really who can blame them? We all do it.

Any business could say anything in their marketing. It’s up to the consumer to believe them or not. Instead, today’s consumers like to be informed and are taking things into their own hands and doing their research to find real-life product reviews.

Did You Know:

  • 77% of people read a customer review before committing to any kind of purchase?
  • 88% of people trust online reviews than those of personal recommendations due to their being a conflict of those giving the review having a personal relationship with someone in the business they are researching about.

So where is the best place to find reviews? Here’s the hot tip it’s Facebook.

Having an active presence on social media shows that you are a genuine business, customers can find out more about you, who your team is, what kind of people they are, what experience they can expect when dealing with you, and what products and services you provide. Once those online reviews start coming in, you’ll build trust and forge genuine connections with your potential clientele. This above all is another reason to make sure you are online.

Social media is very powerful at helping you attract new clients and target the right people who might be willing to take up your products or services because it gives you access to a bunch of individuals who are doing their research and self-educating themselves about your business or industry. It validates their desire to be in control of a purchasing situation and backs it up with the knowledge they’re supporting the right team behind a brand.

The best businesses encourage online reviews from their clients and ask for them to leave a review on their Facebook page. Start by asking your online community for feedback and you will be well on your way to building a positive reputation and firm reliability in your brand.

Blog by Jason Armstrong