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New To Tik Tok? Here’s Some Tips


TikTok is the new kid on the block in the social media world. Launched initially as a video-sharing platform for short-form content, it’s now the fastest growing social media channel globally and offers a vast diversity of content. You could even say it’s got something for everyone.

With over 1 billion (and growing) monthly active users, it’s no wonder marketers worldwide want to grab a slice of the Tik Tok pie. Whilst Tik Tok was previously predominantly frequented by younger users, COVID has undoubtedly changed that, and the audience is now quite diverse. TikTok is now a platform for varied age demographics.

But how do you go about being successful Tik Tok that will give your brand the traction it needs? Below are a few tips we think are ‘must knows’ for Tik Tok newbies.

Consider your specs

Remember that Tik Tok videos need to be shot vertically to ensure your content doesn’t get obscured. For people like myself who like to shoot in landscape or 16:9, this creates challenges, but the rewards are worth it. Any captions and overlays should be in areas of the screen where they aren’t hidden by your profile and caption pictures are, or your like, comment and shares buttons. Failing to do this will mean you’ll have put all this effort in and sabotaged your efforts.

Be wise with your audio.

Don’t land yourself in hot water by using copyrighted audio. Find your audio in the Tik Tok Audio library, and if your audio contains speech, don’t forget to add captions to ensure the video remains accessible to everyone.

Tik Tok = authenticity

Traditionally, Instagram has been associated with the illusion of perfection, whilst Tik Tok is all about being as authentic as you can be and a little bit rough around the edges.

Rather than going all out to create a new video edited within an inch of its life, focus on being honest. A word stumble is okay and will support your brand a little. Sponsored ads on Tik Tok tend to do very well, as users know the platform is authentic, and therefore they trust what said video has to say about a particular product or service. Sponsored ads on Tik Tok are usually real people giving an honest review, which can be incredibly powerful. I am sure we all know the power of word of mouth is one of the most excellent marketing strategies for any brand.

Get inspired

If you’re entirely new to Tik Tok, you might feel overwhelmed and wonder where to begin from a creative point of view.

To get started creating your first video, you could:

  • Film the unboxing of a brand new product or create a video announcing a new service you’re offering.
  • Work with an agency who have a content creation team. Here at Think Tank Digital, we can help you formulate a Tik Tok ad strategy and seek out relevant influencers who can drive interest in your business by talking about your product or service in their videos.
  • Create a ‘How To’ product video. For example, show your users how to coordinate their clothes pieces with your new shoe design if you’re a shoe manufacturer.
  • Educate on the importance of your service and what pain point it solves.

Contact us to get a no-obligation quote for Tik Tok marketing, and let us do the hard work for you. We look forward to hearing from you.