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Google announced last week that it would start surfacing podcasts alongside videos, images, news, and web pages related to a user’s search. Podcast episodes will appear based on “Google’s understanding of what’s being talked about on a podcast,” This will then enable users to get even more information about their search topic – only in audio form instead of video or text. Soon, it will not be necessary to use “podcast” as a search term. Google will automatically show relevant podcast episodes in search results. There has been much debate around the success of podcasts. However, in a busy world, it can often be challenging to catch the nightly news or stay up to date with educational texts around specific topics of interest. At Think Tank Business Services, we find podcasts to be relevant and easy to consume while on the go. Our team often find that in between client meetings while either before we leave, on the road or in transit, we can update ourselves on industry trends. We can refresh our neurons in the operation of a specific idea we have for a client that is relevant to them who we might be meeting that day. As part of an overarching marketing plan, Podcasts provide some other relevant uses. They position the person behind the microphone as someone who is – Up to date with what is happening – An industry resource – An industry leader – A mentor

They can also have the added benefit of when meeting with clients. Let us say for example We wish to put a marketing strategy together, and the client might want a brief on what it is we are offering. We can always say. As a value-added service we can still say to a client “Have you heard my podcast?” then send them the link. It might also encourage them to seek out our other source material and then, in turn, wish to engage us for other services. As a tool, it will position us with them as someone who is informed and, in many ways, backs up our strategy and plan for them.

Now with Podcasts becoming more available and searchable on Google, the floodgates have been opened. With people finding industry leaders in their local market and allowing those local talents another inroad to compete against big-budget operators.

Even if you might be a fan of Podcasts or not, since the invention of modern media, we have been tuning into our favourite radio or television program. Podcasts take the radio to a new level by letting us listen to shows and topics that are important to them. However, at a time that best suits us where we can pick up from where we left off. Like Alan Jones and many other radio announcers who develop fame by “being in the know” and sharing their opinion.

Google taking this next step is huge. It will make the Podcast media more available and consumable. We believe it will add another layer and offer some healthy debate on topics and idea, but only time will tell.

Blogged by Jason Armstrong