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How businesses in Australia are using social media

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Any entrepreneur serious about growing business cannot ignore social media and its influence in the today’s markets. In Australia, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp and Tumblr have a combined membership of 46 million in 2016 and the number continues to grow. This is a lucrative market for any business. Social networks have become very ideal marketing channels with the added advantage of better targeting.

Push and pull marketing

Businesses are using social media in both push and pull marketing. Showcasing new products on business social media pages is very common (push), while discounts and offers are also promoted on the same pages (pull). Businesses have realized the advantage of social media marketing over traditional channels like TV which are harder to monitor.

Marketing through customers

Some businesses have mastered the art of marketing through customers. This is done by asking customers to post pictures of them while using a product. This could be anything from fashion products to power tools. Seeing a product in use is a more powerful marketing tactic than seeing it in an advert. This has been seen mostly for trending fashion and style products.

Product launch

Hyping product launches has become common on social networks. Image heavy networks, Instagram and Pinterest are the most used for showcasing a new product. This has been adopted by businesses for the low costs and potential reach.

Piggybacking on trending topics

Micro-blogging network Twitter will always have a trending topic marked by a hashtag. It is common for businesses these days to ride on trending hashtags to make their own pitch. For example if a topic like #freebigdandy is trending, a business could post something like, we have the latest cool sunglasses #freebigdandy. This way, anyone who is following the trending topic will see the business post.

Creating customer engagement

Social media channels are being used to attract social media fans to certain products by running contests and other tasks around the products. This could be for example the most likes for the product’s image. The fans get rewards while the product gets more exposure.

Customer feedback is useful when shaping marketing campaigns. Businesses have been able to get better customer feedback on social media. This has been more preferred than old methods like surveys. Facebook even has a reactions button which businesses are following closely in their marketing campaigns.

Infinite possibilities

Australian businesses are beginning to realize the vast possibilities of social media. Vast reach and low costs have revolutionized the way marketing is done.

- Blogged by Jason Armstrong

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